The unusual village of Carrières-sur-Seine

On the side of a little cliff over the Seine valley, the town of Carrières-sur-Seine has retained its historical character.

With its “ancien régime” appearance and features including troglodyte dwellings built into the rock or in former quarries, ancient farmyards opening onto steep narrow streets and gardens masked by the strip of houses bordering the streets, this little gem of Saint Germain Boucles de Seine really has to be seen.

The troglodyte dwellings: they bear witness to the life of the town, from Quadraria to Carrières-sur-Seine, via Carrières-Saint-Denis!

The banks of the Seine: by bicycle or on foot, walking or running, don’t leave Carrières-sur-Seine without visiting the banks of the Seine and the wash house, the Parc de la Mairie, the market gardens, etc.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste church: especially famous for the medieval altarpiece discovered in one of its walls during the 19th century…

The tithe warehouse: the 1137 birthmark of Carrières-Saint-Denis, a vestige of the time of Suger, Abbot of Saint-Denis and advisor to King Louis VI.

The windmill: another remainder from the past of Carrières-sur-Seine, right near Place du Marché.

You can also take the opportunity to wander around on market days to discover local produce or take a well-deserved break at one of the town’s restaurants. If you haven’t had time to fully appreciate the wealth of this town, then stay longer, at one of the hotels.