The team

Present at the Tourist Office located at the Jardin des Arts, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, and the Tourist Information Office of Marly-le-Roi, here is the team of your new destination Saint Germain Boucles de Seine.

Laurence Louyot



Elisa Barbier

Assistant Director

“I like pretty views, walks, on foot or by bike, with friends or family, as well as the Seine, architecture, the great and the little history and good food!”


Marion Le Gall


“I like to say that my daughter loves Disney magic when in fact it’s me (she’s only a year and a half).” If the man walks, if the man runs, if he can earth dreaming in the open, as I would like if I could go there … “


Mélanie Lacroix

Business Development / Speaker-Guide

“I like coming to work by bike, I have two hens Cocotte and Pépette and I love Geocaching.I am always looking for good plans to occupy my two young children! And I like disguised holidays too !! “

Juliana Laurent

Business Development



Victoria Bernard

Resident Advisor / Quality Referent / Speaker-Guide

“Passionate about heritage, I love guided tours, I also love traveling near and far and crisp historical anecdotes! “


Emilie Rochat

Partner Communication Officer

“A yoga enthusiast, I practice sun salutation every morning in front of my colleagues, I also like to cook, garden and spend my time running behind my children!


Emilie Praï

Public Communication Officer

“Always on the mop, I love discovering new places, as well as new people and especially new culinary flavors!””


Béatrice Montfort

Residential Advisor / Speaker-guide



Mohamed Abarouch

Residential Advisor

“”I like to walk on the banks of the Seine, and also to contemplate the beautiful landscapes and discover the history of each place! Finally, I like to finish on a culinary note with a good local specialty!”