Tourist Office souvenir shop

Throughout the year, Saint Germain Boucles de Seine Tourist Board proposes a selection of items that reflect our magnificent region. They can be found in our souvenir shop. There are some beautiful items and souvenirs for every taste and every occasion, for both adults and children.

The Gourmet Basket is back!

Make your choice from our selection of gourmet products, put it all in our Saint-Germain bag (6 €) and for a minimum purchase of 35 € go back home with your products and a bottle of Wine Grottes offered. Wine from the vineyards of Saint-Germain-en-Laye / Le Pecq, located under the terrace Le Nôtre of the national estate of Saint-Germain. A unique opportunity to taste it, this wine is not marketed!

Make your walls beautiful with our ancient posters, prints and lithographic artwork, or a digital reproduction of Saint-Germain-en-Laye’s famous Château-Neuf, the birthplace of Louis XIV which has almost entirely disappeared.

Books and hiking guides available at the souvenir shop

Find a practical guide to put in your rucksack with your picnic when you go off to explore our paths and trails on foot or by bike. We also sell some fabulous books about our history, architecture and natural heritage.

Are you a PSG supporter?

Wear the football team’s colours! T-shirts, caps, slippers, footballs and many more articles are available.

Treat the children and indulge the grown-ups

You can also purchase games, books and colouring-in items for the children. And for sweet-toothed visitors, we sell cakes, honey and other treats all year round.