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A shared strategy for tourism in Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Partners and tourist actors of the Saint Germain Boucles de Seine destination, find here the diagnosis and the action plan 2018-2022 of the Saint Germain Boucles de Seine Intercommunal Tourist Office!

Realized internally, validated by the members of the Board of Directors of the Office of Tourism, this document is not fixed! We are counting on you and we invite you to share your ideas for developing tourism in Saint Germain Boucles de Seine. This tourism strategy is useful and relevant only if it is shared and nourished by the contribution of the tourist actors of the destination!

Your contact: Elisa Barbier – elisa.barbier@seine-saintgermain.fr – 01 30 87 23 12

Actions plan 2018 – 2022


Quantitative assessment of tourism in Ile-de-France

Each year, the Comité Régional du Tourisme Île-de-France elaborates a report and thematic studies covering different areas: tourism-related business and visitor numbers, behaviour in terms of geographical origin, and tourist profiles and trends over the year. They also carry out actions every year to promote leisure and business activities. You will find below a range of documents that can be downloaded or, for more exhaustive content, you can consult directly the tourism professionals section of their website: http://pro.visitparisregion.com/

Bilan de l’activité touristique de l’année 2017

La fréquentation touristique 2018

Do you speak touriste 2018

Explorateur de tendances – Repères de l’activité touristique 2018


Tourist tax

The tourist tax is payable by anyone visiting a region and staying in paid accommodation. The tax was created in 1910 and is now common practice, having been introduced by more than 14,700 French municipalities as well as in many other countries.

What is its purpose?

It is a resource which is used to promote local tourism, by informing visitors and tourism professionals, communicating through brochures and digital means, organising events to bring together tourism professionals and influencers, being present at trade fairs, creating new activities, etc.

Anything that helps the region’s tourism to develop in terms of numbers and quality and that will benefit accommodation providers and tourists alike!

The sums collected via the tourist tax are paid entirely to the intermunicipal Tourist Board.