The Impressionist Trail, Renoir tour

Take this itinerary to discover reproductions of the Impressionists’ paintings and explore Chatou and the Ile des Impressionnistes, before following the banks of the Seine as far as Carrières-sur-Seine.

Information on the tour

Distance: 3.6 km. No real difficulties.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Hameau Fournaise à Chatou, Ile des Impressionnistes

Starting point – Fournaise Hamlet

“Luncheon of the Boating Party” and “Oarsmen at Chatou”
Rendez-vous on Ile des Impressionnistes, take the access ramp to reach Chatou bridge.

From the bridge, turn right towards Chatou town centre. Go round Notre-Dame de Chatou church on your right and take Rue de la Paroisse. Immediately on your right, head towards Place Sainte-Marie and take the little path that leads to the quayside.

Ile des Impressionnistes à Chatou

Stage 1 – Chatou Bridge

Once on Quai de l’Amiral Mouchez, turn left and follow the quayside with the River Seine on your right. Quai de Nymphée is named after Soufflot’s Nymphaeum situated in one of the properties on the left. The Chatou dam is on your right.
At the end of Quai du Nymphée you come to a towpath which takes you as far as Carrières-sur-Seine.

Parc de la mairie et village de Carrières-sur-Seine

Stage 2 – Carrières-Saint-Denis

At the end of the towpath, you come to Quai Charles de Gaulle. On your left are the gardens of Carrières-sur-Seine Town Hall.

Enter the gardens. Take one of the paths at the edge of the lake, then turn left onto the lane leading to the park exit. Once on Rue Victor Hugo, go a few metres downhill to Allée du Pressoir. Be aware that this lane is private, but it leads to some troglodyte dwellings. A little further along is the Pressoir (wine press) of Carrières-sur-Seine. Rejoin Rue Victor Hugo, turning left towards Rue Gabriel Péri. At the corner, turn right and go down Rue Gabriel Péri. On your left is the tithe warehouse, now a chambre d’hôtes.

 Le chemin des Impressionnistes à Carrières-sur-Seine

Stage 3 – The Village

The itinerary ends a little further along with the last painting reproduction at Rue de Bezons.

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