The Impressionist Trail, Pissarro tour

This tour visits the village of Marly-le-Roi, before following the footsteps of the Impressionists through the little streets of Louveciennes where the modern landscape seems to blend with the colours of the past.

Information on the tour

Distance: 3.7 km. No real difficulties.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Abreuvoir de Marly-le-Roi

Starting point – “The Road to Versailles”

Cross the Versailles road at the pedestrian crossing and continue straight on, on Chemin du Cœur Volant. Then turn right onto Chemin des Glaises which further down becomes Sentier de Louveciennes and takes you to the watering pond of Parc de Marly. Go around the pond (on your left) and take Avenue Béranger (with lycée Louis de Broglie on your left). At the roundabout, turn left onto Rue Raoul Filhos and go straight on. On your right stands Marly-le-Roi town hall, and the kennels owned by King Louis XIV when his estate was in Marly.

Le chemin des Impressionnistes à Marly-le-Roi

Stage 1 – “Place du Chenil at Marly, snow effect”

Take rue Mansart and head towards Grande Rue, the main street in Marly village. Once on Grande Rue, turn left. With the Tourist Office just opposite, cross Avenue des Combattants and turn left.
Go down the little street alongside Parc de Marly, to the park entrance a little further down on your right. Enter Parc de Marly and turn left. Lower down are Marly’s famous horse statues.

L'abreuvoir et les Chevaux de Marly

Stage 2 – “The Watering Pond at Marly with Hoarfrost”

Leave this painting reproduction behind you and go up the lane towards the Coeur Volant gate.

 Le parc royal de Marly-le-Roi

Stage 3 – “View of Marly-le-Roi “

Leave Parc de Marly by Coeur Volant gate and cross the road towards Chemin du Coeur Volant. Turn right onto Chemin de l’Aqueduc. The path is uphill! Go under Louveciennes aqueduct and down towards the road to Versailles. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and turn left onto Avenue Saint Martin. Continue straight on.

Le chemin des Impressionnistes à Louveciennes

Stage 4 – “The Entrance to the Village of Visions”, “Marly Aqueduct” and “Village Street, Louveciennes”

At the end of Avenue Saint Martin, turn right onto Rue de Voisins. Continue on Rue de Voisins, then take Rue de la Machine. You have come to the end of the itinerary. If you continue on Chemin de la Machine, a little further down on your right you’ll find Madame du Barry’s château, and the Music Pavilion. A path lower down takes you to the old Machine buildings and the RN13 road, but this path is currently closed for works. The itinerary’s last painting reproductions: “Voisins Village” and “Chemin de la Machine, Louveciennes”

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