Associations that promote our destination

They are volunteers and they love their destination Saint Germain Boucles de Seine! They love its nature, its remarkable forests and trees, they love its history and its architectural heritage, its illustrious characters. Thanks to them and the associations to which they are attached, these volunteers enrich, preserve and promote the nuggets of Saint Germain Boucles de Seine!

History and Safeguarding of Old Quarries (A.H.S.V.C.)

It is involved in the organization of events: conferences, exhibitions – and the publication of thematic booklets (Si Carrières m’tait conté…, Versailles, a palace of a thousand and one nights, Louise de la Vallière, Louis XIV and 20 million French…). The association participates in events organized by the municipality (Forum of Associations, Heritage Days) and supports projects carried out by Carrières students and their teachers.

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The HISCREA association (History of Chambourcy, Retz and Aigremont)

The volunteers of the HISCREA association are proud of the historical, architectural and human heritage present in the villages of Chambourcy and Aigremont. And they are keen to promote it through the remarkable sites and monuments they house such as: the Desert of Retz, the aqueducts of Retz, the church of Sainte-Clotilde/Saint Saturnin, the house of the painter André Derain, the remains Joyenval abbey and Montjoie castle, the Retz pheasant factory, the wash house, the forest gate, the Laye cross, the remarkable tombs…

In order to publicize these unmissable places which have also been frequented by illustrious people, the volunteers of HISCREA organize four conferences each year, exhibitions on the history of the forests which surround these two villages, on the Ru de Buzot, and many others, as well as guided tours of the village of Chambourcy, the aqueducts and the Desert of Retz.

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Arts and Cloths in Chatou

Dedicated to the fashion of the Impressionist era, this association contributes to the animation of the Hameau Fournaise during cultural and heritage events and presents reconstituted costumes, made and worn by its members.
Sewing days allow you to benefit from the advice of a specialist to make a complete toilet (choice of model, fabric, cut, sewing, hairstyles, hats, lingerie, accessories).

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Friends of the Maison Fournaise in Chatou

The city of Chatou registered the Fournaise house in the inventory of Historic Monuments in 1981. The same year the association was created to contribute to the search for financing and the promotion of its restoration and to constitute a documentary fund on its story. It is thanks to these enthusiasts of impressionist painting and art lovers that the first collection of the Fournaise museum was created in 1992. Their donations and search for donors made it possible to acquire works by small masters, prints and original documents. It was also able to financially support the restoration of the exterior paintings and caricatures produced in the Fournaise restaurant.

The association of Friends of the Maison Fournaise regularly offers conferences, concerts and free cultural walks in the hamlet of Fournaise during sunny days.

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The Sequana old boat restoration association in Chatou

The Sequana association restores and sometimes identically rebuilds Belle Epoque boats: skiffs, perishers, canoes, sailboats. It also carries out historical research and participates in various nautical events and festivals in the region and throughout France. The workshops located in the shed on the banks of the Seine on the Île des Impressionnistes in Chatou recreate the atmosphere of the canoeing era. The association’s volunteers work there regularly and like to pass on this story to walkers, tourists and residents of the town and neighboring towns. The visit of the workshops is open to all, mainly during the weekend and presents the techniques of naval carpentry, wood and metal work, steam engines, naval architecture, the sewing of sails, etc.

On sunny days, volunteers take you aboard Chloé, their electric boat, for a river trip on the Seine.

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The memory of Croissy

This association aims to promote the heritage of the town of Croissy and its history by organizing events and producing publications. It contributes to the cultural animation of the city, And participates, in close liaison with the Teaching Body, in the information and the training of the youngest on all that interests the history of the city, that of its inhabitants and of its buildings. In addition, in 2008 the association created and financed the Local History Pavilion (PHL) and installed it in the outbuildings of Château Chanorier restored by the municipality. She has since been responsible for its management and animation on a voluntary basis.

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The Friends of La Grenouillère in Croissy-sur-Seine

The Musée de la Grenouillère located in the heart of Chanorier in Croissy-sur-Seine was created in 1998 thanks to the Friends of the Grenouillère association. It develops its collections, carries out historical and artistic research linked to the glorious past of its banks of the Seine which so inspired the Impressionists and which materializes through temporary exhibitions, publications, and conferences.

The association also contributes to the safeguarding of the site and the organization of events linked to the Musée de la Grenouillère, in particular the Fête de la Grenouillère, organized every two years, which allows the atmosphere of the Belle Period and the Impressionists.

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Fourqueux Heritage

The association was created on the initiative of a group of passionate Foulqueusians concerned with making known, preserving and transmitting the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of this pretty village.

They organize conferences, visits, exhibitions, festive and cultural events…

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Society of Friends of the Château de Maisons-Laffitte (SACM)

The Société des Amis du Château de Maisons is a large cultural association which works for knowledge of history (publication of articles on the history of the castle and on local history) and for the development of local historical research.

It is also involved in the development of the Château de Maisons through its sponsorship actions.

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Château de Maisons

Cultural, Artistic, Literary Association of the Alps (A.S.C.A.L.A.)

This association is also related to the Cercle historique alpicois. It is responsible for highlighting the history and heritage of the city of Le Pecq.

The A.S.C.A.L.A. regularly organizes conferences and exhibitions highlighting local riches.

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The Alain Institute

Vésigondin institution since 1981. Created by the City of Vésinet and by Robert Bourgne (literary administrator of Alain’s work), the Institut Alain is undertaking the complete work of the 30,883 Propos d’un Normand by the Vésigondin philosopher Alain , as well as his daily articles in the Dépêche de Rouen et de Normandie from February 1906 to September 1914.

“La Menuiserie” is the place where the editorial and research activities of the Alain Institute are concentrated.

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Vésinet Historical Society

The Vésinet Historical Society brings together all those who are interested in local history. Its purpose is to contribute to the influence and development of the history of Le Vésinet. It participates in the animation of the equipment allocated by the City of Vésinet to the development of the local culture. It constitutes and enriches, thanks to acquisitions, donations or legacies, a collection of documents and objects of all kinds, having a relationship with Le Vésinet and its inhabitants.

It contributes to making known by all appropriate means (exhibitions, brochures, website…) Le Vésinet, its history and that of the famous people who have lived there.

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The Syndicate of Initiative and Defense of the Vésinet Site

Vésinet History Society, Association Collective for the Defense of the Boucles de Seine, Yvelines Environment Federation). The SIDSV has been contributing for more than 80 years to the development of town planning and protection rules for the Site of Le Vésinet. It publishes city maps, tourist maps, walk maps, historical notices, to help discover the classified residential site of Le Vésinet and its great architectural wealth.

It offers walking tours, leads guided tours. It provides the public with historical and commemorative plaques scattered around the city-park to inform walkers.

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Implementing the City-Nature-Space Agreement (R.A.C.I.N.E.) in Louveciennes

The RACINE association was created in 1989 to preserve an unbuildable natural area forming part of the green belt of the master plan for the Paris region. RACINE’s action enabled the safeguarding of this area near the Château du Camp and the Bois de Louveciennes. Subsequently RACINE obtained that the 18th century houses, close to the church, which were threatened with demolition, be the subject of an exemplary rehabilitation. Since then, the association has continued to develop projects aimed at preserving the heritage and protecting the environment of Louveciennes.

It develops soft circulations, monitors real estate projects having an impact on the environment, the maintenance of wooded areas, and proposes actions in favor of ecology and sustainable development.

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Mareil Orchards

The “Les Vergers de Mareil” association, created in September 2013, brings orchards back to life by integrating into their thinking the consideration of crucial issues for the future, such as local food production, the development of existing biodiversity, the sharing of knowledge, the harmonious and inclusive development of the village of Mareil. Their gardening activities continue throughout the seasons on our four experimental grounds: Margot’s garden, the vineyard, Jean’s garden and the Chestnut grove.

These places allow members to learn about gardening in a practical way, to share their know-how, to discuss the multitude of themes related to ecology, all in a very friendly atmosphere.

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Vergers de Mareil

Friends of the Domaine de Marly

The association contributes to the acquisition of important works for the collections, participates in restorations, raises public awareness of the heritage of Marly-le-Roi and Louveciennes and plays a communication role by relaying the cultural events of the Museum. The association occasionally contributes to the museum’s publications, in particular the catalogs of temporary exhibitions. It publishes the “Letter to Friends” once a year and, in June 2007, launched the first issue of the magazine “Marly, art and heritage” (on sale at the museum shop).

The association organizes a program of varied activities throughout the year: exhibition, conference, videoconference, visit, getaway, trip, event, visit-conference or concert.

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Memory and History of Montesson

The association Memory and History of Montesson (MHM), created on October 7, 2004, aims to study local history, to contribute to the inventory and conservation of the heritage of the municipality of Montesson (archives, buildings , tradition).

In order to make known the history of this town and its heritage, they set up exhibitions, conferences, and also work a lot with the surrounding schools. The association is affiliated with Histoire des Yvelines – Federation of Historical and Archaeological Societies of Yvelines.

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Old Marly

Since 1923, the Association “Le Vieux Marly” has been doing useful work in promoting the architectural and historical heritage of Marly-le-Roi and its surroundings. The association allowed, among other things, the classification of the Royal Domain of Marly in 1936 and the creation of the village safeguard sector in 1962, 

Today, the Association continues its actions to enhance and protect the Marlychois heritage and its historical studies, by organizing outings, conferences, exhibitions and symposiums. Its current and future actions are also part of the “Saint-Germain Seine et Forêts” community of municipalities.

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The Society of Friends of Alexandre Dumas in Port-Marly

The Society of Friends of Alexandre Dumas was created in 1971 by historian and academician Alain Decaux to prevent the destruction of the haven of peace built by Alexandre Dumas on the heights of Port-Marly, his castle of Monte-Cristo. The members of the association are all lovers of the great writer throughout the world. The association brings together collections of books, manuscripts, autographs and various objects on the life and work of Alexandre Dumas.

It promotes them during cultural and scientific events organized for its volunteers as well as for the general public within the Château de Monte-Cristo.

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Port Marly Living Memory

The purpose of the Port-Marly Living Memory association is to retrace the history of the town and the region through all documentation: postcards, reproductions and various archives.

It also feeds an iconographic fund and organizes all year round, visits, conferences, symposiums, publications, illustrating the architectural, historical and economic heritage of the town and the region.

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The Association of Friends of the Forest of Saint-Germain and Marly

Since 1973, the association of Friends of the Forest of Saint-Germain and Marly has defended and protected the biodiversity of our superb green settings alongside institutional actors and in particular the ONF (Office National des Forêts) while remaining attentive and open. surrounding urbanization projects. The association’s volunteers take part in public surveys and work in the field.

They also raise awareness among the general public by writing publications and regularly organizing conferences, debates and outings to discover the rich fauna and flora of our two royal forests.

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Friends of Old Saint-Germain

The association constitutes the Society of Art and History of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Its purpose is to interest its members in the prestigious past of the city of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and to work to safeguard the testimony of this past in the artistic, historical or urban fields. It offers throughout the year to its members: conferences, symposiums and meetings with historians, writers, commemorations and celebrations, cultural visits and journeys in Art and History…

And organizes every year for the students of schools, colleges and high schools of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a local history school competition: the Claude Petit competition.

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Society of Friends of the National Archeology Museum and the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Volunteers from SAMAN (Society of Friends of the National Archeology Museum and the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye) contribute to the influence of the National Archeology Museum and the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, by allowing in particular the growth of the museum’s collections through donations or purchases of works. The association participates in the promotion of museum exhibitions and the permanent collections it houses.

It regularly organizes conferences, visits to exhibitions and excavation sites for its members, as well as a few events accessible to the general public.

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Society of Friends of Maurice Denis

The Society of Friends of Maurice Denis (SAMAUD) supports the influence of the work of Maurice Denis (1870-1943), not only his artistic production (painting, sculpture, stained glass, decorative arts, etc.), but also his work as a writer , critic and art theorist. It also supports the action of French and foreign museums and organizations concerning the work of the painter, whom his friends nicknamed the “Nabi of beautiful icons”. The association encourages research work, in particular masters and theses, as well as the preparation of the Catalog raisonné of his paintings, the publication of which is planned by Flammarion editions.

The association regularly organizes various events, as well as activities aimed at making the work and memory of Maurice Denis better known: visits to exhibitions, monuments, conferences, etc.

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Friends of the history of Sartrouville and its surroundings (AHSE)

For 30 years at the service of the History of the City and the Region, the Friends of the History of Sartrouville and its Surroundings bring together local history enthusiasts and are ready to share with you their discoveries on the past (recent or distant) from Sartrouville and its surroundings. As such, it offers conferences on local history, the edition of LA GAZETTE HISTORIQUE (4 times a year) and visits to the Museum of Traditions and Crafts in Sarrouville.

The latter presenting on 2 levels documents of the history of the city: aeronautical, naval, rural past through the exhibition of models, various documents, reproductions of old postcards (currently Place du Champ de Mars, in the old presbytery).

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Water and Light Association

The Eau et Lumière Association was created in 2009 with the main objective of recognizing the heritage and tourist value of the places represented by the landscape painters of the 21st and 20th centuries, and in particular the Impressionists.

To achieve this goal, the Association works to:

  • Highlight these landscapes and the social activities that take place there: artistic schools, discovery tours, festivals, regattas and all practices from local traditions,
  • Federate the places represented in Europe by “pleinairist” painters and the communities that house them,
  • Promote, in conjunction with local authorities, “innovative and responsible” tourism,
  • Encourage public or private, French or European initiatives, among young people or the general public, promoting knowledge of this unique heritage in the world,

As such, Eau & Lumières obtained in January 2018 the certification of the Impressionisms Routes© network as the 32nd Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. The Impressionisms Routes network brings together 12 European routes including 7 dedicated to French pre-impressionists and impressionists (Boudin, Guillaumin, Monet, Morisot, Pissarro, Renoir and Sisley) and 5 routes dedicated to Bunke (Germany), Toorop (Netherlands), Grohar (Slovenia), Llorens Diaz (Spain) and the Machiaiolo (Italy).

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Association Eau et Lumère