Ile de la Loge - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Ile de la Loge
78380 Bougival

You reach the Ile de la Loge (listed site in 1946 - 53 ha) by the Abbé Pierre bridge, located opposite the Charles X pavilion, a vestige of the Machine de Marly.

From the bridge, there is a beautiful view of the Seine and the Machine aedicule, as well as the remains of the Machine of Napoleon III, which operated from 1858 to 1963.

When you arrive on the island, you can :
*If you go to the right, you will see the locks which will interest children if you are lucky enough to see a barge passing. It is a very popular place to walk, because it allows you to discover the banks of the Seine overlooking Croissy-sur-Seine.
*Going to the left, you can admire the château de poche (a neo-gothic pavilion built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition), and then go to "Emmaüs" after the Banque de France complex.



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