Posters, paintings and prints

Ancient posters, lithographic art, prints and paintings of Saint-Germain’s Château-Neuf

Relive the golden past of Saint Germain Boucles de Seine with these ancient posters and pictures from yesteryear. They depict eras of history and ages of glory, some features of which can still be appreciated today.

Poster of Le Nôtre’s Terrace in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

One poster illustrates the Le Nôtre Terrace, which you can walk along during a visit to the National Domain of Saint-German (château gardens). Stretching for several hundred metres, the terrace offers stunning views over the Seine valley.

Lithographic print of the Fournaise restaurant in Chatou

Another depicts the “guinguette” atmosphere of the Fournaise restaurant. The restaurant, which now also houses a museum, enjoyed its own golden years when it was frequented by famous impressionist painters and gallivanting Parisians. If you visit Chatou’s Ile des Impressionnistes, why not stop there for a meal or just a coffee.

Affiche Bataille de fleurs

Affiche Château Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Affiche Montagne Bel-Air

Affiche Terrasse

Toile château neuf
20×20: €19.50

Toile chateau neuf
40×40: €23.80

Toile château neuf
40×60: €34.30

Gravure château

Gravure restaurant Fournaise