The Impressionist Trail, Sisley tour

This tour takes you along the River Seine from Le Pecq to Port-Marly. These more urban landscapes are represented in the paintings of Turner, Minorca, and Sisley, after whom this tour is named.

Information on the tour

Distance: 3.15 km. No real difficulties.

Duration: 65 minutes

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Le chemin des Impressionnistes au Pecq sur l'avenue verte Paris-Londres

Starting point – “View of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and its château”

Start at the corner of Quai de l’Orme Sully and Avenue d’Aligre in Le Pecq.
Follow Quai de l’Orme Sully as far as the bridge and take the steps leading up to it.
Cross the Seine, then take the access ramp down to the riverbank.

Le chemin des Impressionnistes au Pecq

Stage 1 – “The Seine, Le Pecq”, painting reproduction no. 2

Cross the roundabout (Place de la Résistance) and walk the length of the car park. Turn left onto Quai du 8 mai 1945.
Go past the back of the Pyramides sports complex.
Continue on the towpath to Port-Marly.
As you pass Port-Marly rowing club, with a little luck, you might see the skiffs skimming across the water!

Le chemin des Impressionnistes au Port-Marly

Stage 2 – “The Flood at Port-Marly”

Continue on the towpath until you reach a little path that goes up to the right. Take this path up to the roundabout and Le Brazza restaurant.

 Le chemin des Impressionnistes au Port-Marly

Stage 3 – “The Flood at Port-Marly”

Take Rue Jean Jaurès (opposite) towards the D113 road. Cross the D113 and continue straight on. A little further up, you come to the 5th painting reproduction of this tour.

Le chemin des Impressionnistes au Port-Marly

Stage 4 – “Street or Market Place in Marly”

Now backtrack to the roundabout and towpath.
Once on the towpath, turn right.
Cross the park. On your right there is a little bridge that takes you to the gardens of Ile de la Loge. If you have time, the park is worth a visit. It is a real little green gem surrounded by water and the view from the bridge is beautiful!

Continuing on the towpath, you come to the 6th and last reproduction of the tour.

Le chemin des Impressionnistes au Port-Marly

Stage 5 – “Port-Marly, the Wash House”

This is where you complete your exploration of the Seine riverbanks between Le Pecq and Port-Marly.

Not to be missed: