Laurence Malcorpi, over the water

For several years the Tourist Office has been working with three associations, each of which animates the cultural and artistic life of Chatou in their own way. Recognized for their dynamism and the unfailing enthusiasm of their members, these three associations you certainly know them… You may have already embarked on one of their boats or are enthusiastic in front of the sumptuous costumes seen during a city ​​party or a special occasion, in Chatou or elsewhere.

These three associations, it was important to us to present them to you and quite naturally when it was necessary to choose someone to fulfill this mission, our choice fell on one of their greatest and most faithful ambassadors, Laurence Malcorpi.

Appointment is made on the Island of the Impressionists in the middle of summer. We find ourselves in the shade of the trees, in front of the Fournaise house which will be the setting for this report, Good viewing and do not hesitate to leave us a comment!

Thanks to Laurence, Gidouille, Edmond, Marie-Christine,…, and all the others for their welcome and their smile, thank you for responding to each of our requests!

And a special mention to Melbourne who knew how to animate this little report in its own way! 🙂