Jill Colonna is Mad about macarons

If you don’t know him -yet!- run quickly to discover Jill Colonna’s blog and Instagram account, aka @madaboutmacarons ! A soft and colorful universe with photos of culinary and cultural discoveries inspired by our beautiful region, simple and tempting recipes!

For this Scottish woman (or when a Scottish woman marries a Corsican!) the adventure began 26 years ago and it is always with her So British accent that she tells us about her passion for French gastronomy and culture.

Since her first macaron in Paris, she has written a book dedicated to these delicacies, Mad About Macarons (bestseller in its category in the United States). The adventure could have ended there but it was bad to know her, always passionate about French pastry she continues with a second book, Teatime in Paris, with recipes but also a sweet tour of Paris with stories of cupcakes …

The market of Saint-Germain-en-Laye is a place where you will certainly meet our Scottish (particularly proud of the Scottish history of Saint-Germain-en-Laye) and flutist in his spare time (and therefore also sensitive to the city birthplace of Debussy). She also likes to take family walks in Marly or on the banks of the Seine and make discoveries such as the Château de Monte-Cristo where she notably learned that Alexandre Dumas had written a cooking dictionary. And since Jill is also an avid cook, we challenged her to make one of the famous writer’s recipes! So partridge with cabbage, mashed beans and cardoon au gratin… See you in a few weeks for the tasting in Jill makes you discover her nuggets, a meeting full of pep that we invite you to discover now!

Visit Jill’s blog: madaboutmacarons.com