In the footsteps of Louis XIV

A day in the footsteps of the Sun King, between Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Marly-le-Roi.

Your programm

The morning :

Guided tour of the Château-Vieux. The castle of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, also called “Château-Vieux” as opposed to “Château-Neuf” now extinct, is an old residence of the kings of France including François I, Henri IV and Louis XIV … After the historical presentation of the castle and the visit of the courtyard, you then go through the castle, now the National Archeology Museum.

Guided tour of the park and gardens. From 1668 to 1675, at the request of Louis XIV, Le Nôtre created a set of French gardens between the two castles. He completed his work by the construction of a terrace from which we embrace a magnificent view of the west of Paris.

Lunch in the city center

The afternoon

Guided tour of the royal estate of Marly In the footsteps of the Sun King who loved so much to enjoy the gardens of his rural residence of Marly, your walk will lead you to beautiful perspectives with ponds and sculptures. L’Abreuvoir, intact, is surmounted by the famous “Chevaux de Marly” sculptor Guillaume Coustou. Presentation of old Marly, charming village shaped by the presence of the royal domain.

Practical Informations

Validity : every day except Tuesday

Tarifs : from 52 € / person

Mileage : 5 km


Commercial Service : Phone.+33 / e-mail : commercial@seine-saintgermain.fr


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