Ducastel-Vera museum - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Ducastel-Vera museum
2 rue Henri IV
78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye

01 30 87 20 75

The museum was created in 1872 from the very rich collection of works of art bequeathed to the City by Louis-Alexandre Ducastel.

It has since continued to grow rich thanks to donations from art lovers and Saint-German artists, including the sculptor Honoré Icard, the painters François Bonvin, Édouard Detaille, Maurice Denis, and especially Paul Vera and his brother. André, urban planner and garden theoretician who, in 1968, donated numerous works and the entire collection of their studio to the City.
Since 2002, the museum has benefited from the “Musée de France” label. The Municipal Collections service ensures the preservation, restoration, study and presentation to the public of nearly 9,000 works ranging from Egyptian antiquity to the 20th century – including a vast graphic set (drawings and prints) – and the one of the best preserved apothecaries in France. Since 2021, the museum bears the name of Ducastel-Vera.



Every day throughout the year between 2 pm and 6 pm.
Closed Monday and Tuesday.


Free of charge.


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