Musée-Promenade de Marly-le-Roi / Louveciennes

Musée-Promenade de Marly-le-Roi / Louveciennes
La Grille royale Parc de Marly
78430 Louveciennes

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The sun may have set at Marly, but the radiance of the former estate and royal residence of Louis XIV still shines on thanks to the Musée-Promenade de Marly-le-Roi-Louveciennes. Become one of the favoured few to enter into the Sun King's private quarters.

In 1679, Louis XIV had built, in the marshy valley of Marly, 'a palace for the fairies', where he liked to enjoy the company of favoured courtisans in complete privacy.
The museum's collections present the estate at its height, during the reign of Louis XIV, but also its fate under Louis XV and Louis XVI. Through the collections of paintings, graphic arts, sculptures, furniture and decorative arts, leading figures of the royal entourage, such as Madame Du Barry, and famous artists of the time, including the Bouchers, Mme Vigée-Lebrun and Ledoux, are brought to life.
Also worth discovering in the museum is the famous Machine de Marly, 'the eighth wonder of the world", which provided water for the ornamental lakes at Versailles and Marly and which made this château the 'Palais des Eaux'.



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Free entry for children < 16 years.


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