Parcours Street-Art en terre impressionniste - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Parcours Street-Art en terre impressionniste
De l'Île des Impressionnistes (Bureau d'Information Touristique)
à l'immeuble des Sabinettes (9B rue jules Ferry)
78400 Chatou

01 34 80 46 00

L’art contemporain s’empare des rues de Chatou ! En juin, la Ville s’associe avec l'organisation non-gouvernementale (ONG) américaine Street Art for Mankind pour la création d’un parcours d’art investissant les différents quartiers de la commune.

Departure point - Ile des Impressionnistes in Chatou
Take the access ramp onto Chatou bridge.
Turn right towards Chatou centre.
At the end of the bridge, cross the road and take Square Réalier Dumas to reach the quays.
Take Quai Jean Mermoz and head towards Croissy-sur-Seine.
At the traffic lights you can take the access path to Quai Maxime Laubeuf

Stage 1 - La Grenouillère
Here you will come across some reproductions of Impressionist paintings.
They are part of the "Chemin des Impressionnistes" itinerary on which you will find around thirty paintings by the artists who lived or stayed in the region.
Continue along the Seine on Berge de la Prairie.
Pass under Bougival bridge and follow Quai de l'Ecluse to Le Pecq.

Stage 2 - La Coulée Verte (Greenway)
You'll pass close to the water supply ponds where an area has been set aside for the protection of wildlife.
On arrival at Le Pecq, continue along Quai de l'Orme Sully.
Pass under Le Pecq bridge. On your left is Ile Corbière.

Continue on the towpath.

Stage 3 - Parc Départemental de la Boucle de Montesson
This 20-hectare protected space is home to numerous species of birds.
Continue on the towpath, where the cycle path will take you to Sartrouville.
From the Seine quayside, go up onto the bridge at Maisons Laffitte and cross the river.

Stage 4 - Château de Maisons-Laffitte
Take Avenue Louvois on your right, then Avenue Lenôtre.
On your left, take Avenue Carnot then turn right onto Avenue du Général Leclerc.

Take Avenue Albine and continue straight on towards Saint Germain forest.
Take Route Forestière des Pavillons on your right.

Stage 5 - Forêt Domaniale de Saint-Germain
Then turn right onto Route de la Vente Friteuse, which takes you to an intersection.
(Bonus: Instead of turning right, if you continue a little further on Route Forestière des Pavillons, you'll come across the Pavillon de la Muette, a former hunting lodge used by Louis XIV. The site can be visited on several dates during the summer.)
When you arrive at the intersection, turn left onto the path between Route de la Vente Friteuse and Route du Bout du Monde.

Stage 6 - Etang du Corra
Continue straight ahead on Route du Corra, before turning right into Route de la Ferme, then left onto Route Madame, which will take you close to the lake and bird sanctuary, Etang du Corra.

Then, at the end of the path, turn right to join the central road, then left at Cité de Garenne. Turn left onto Allée des Tamaris, then join Avenue de Saint-Germain. Finally, cross the River Seine to reach Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.



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