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Yammes - Painting
40 allée du Lac Inférieur
78110 Le Vésinet


Discover the universe of the artist-painter Yammes!

YAMMES was born in the Gard. At the College and then at the Lycée d'Alès, she took drawing and painting lessons, and became passionate about photography. She discovered Cézanne, Van Gogh, Monet there. The entire Impressionist period influences him.

Self-taught artist, painter between figuration and abstraction, his style is characterized by layers, clusters of matter, touches of color.

Natural, wild landscapes emerge before the eyes of the spectators through sometimes dark flat areas, memories from the Cévennes and his travels.

Thierry MARTIN (Midi Libre 08/2019) “Painting by instinct, mainly with a knife with oil and acrylic, Yammes delivers his universe of colors and swaying shapes, like a new impressionism. It is nature that is unveiled through visions of the sea and the mountains. Yammes' art is not limited to painting, since she has just published 'Les couleurs de l'ombre' (Editions Vérone), a book in which she writes the story of great resilience, in relation to the visual deficiency which has affected him since early childhood.

A few years ago she joined the Biz'art workshop in Vésinet where she has lived for 27 years and set up her small workshop there. She participates in exhibitions at Vésinet, Le Pecq, Rueil Malmaison, Paris, Geneva and Gard.

His inspiration comes at the moment, and with the colors, the water, the earth, the sea, the mountain invite themselves and take shape.
His imagination reveals his relationship with nature, his refuge, his relationship to the earth, his roots and his link with the condition of humanity. Like an answer to the call of nature, for its survival... The lightness, the movement and the strength of the material reveal the riches that its emotions conceal and the anxiety linked to the degradation of the balance of our blue planet. .
The oil and acrylic technique allows him to invite everyone to look at our environment to better protect it.
Like nature, paint does things well, they have a lot to tell us. Both challenge us!
For Yammes, our inner life is also a forest threatened by its endangered vegetation, psyche affected by the climate and its disturbances.

For the artist, the proximity of the natural environment is his refuge, communion and meditation with the living earth are vectors of appeasement in his fight against shadows and uncertainty. Between her and her places of contemplation, a bond and a sharing are created, which promote self-expression and painting.



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