Maud Du Jeu - Sculpture, Indian ink drawing - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Maud Du Jeu - Sculpture, Indian ink drawing
16 rue du Saut au Loup
78290 Croissy-sur-Seine


Discover the world of Maud Du Jeu!

His art is figurative. She works on the human body seeking above all to show sensitivity and tenderness. For her, drawing and sculpture complement each other. She also does portraits.
His drawings are made spontaneously using calligraphic instruments and Indian ink. They represent women, couples and the relationship between child and animal.
His sculptures, the originals of which are in terracotta, become bronzes made by the lost wax technique. They are the memory of poses that moved her or attitudes that left a strong impression.

Journalist Britt Louise Bergström wrote:
“The drawings and sculptures of Maud du Jeu are studies of the human body in various attitudes. The drawings are sensual, the movements and shadows are skilfully captured in India ink with wash. The sculptures are as sensitive as the drawings, small but with exquisite shapes. They speak of tenderness, melancholy, dreams, love and meditation. »



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