Vaesca - Catherine Vaes - Plastic photographer - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Vaesca - Catherine Vaes - Plastic photographer
32 Grande Rue
78290 Croissy-sur-Seine


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Photography, dance, the body and painting are for her fields of hybrid creativity, in fusion. By emphasizing their malleability, Catherine Vaesca gives them back a singular consistency, a new combination that captures the evanescence of presences.

Her models are couples whom she photographs in their intimacy. She choreographs the session, orders the exchange, the touch, the brushing, the winding, the struggle of the extended bodies; a kind of lap dance performed on the ground that she captures with her mobile phone.
“Clever, they move, dance lying down to express the tenderness and love of their union. Their footwork gives the impression of levitation. I have the feeling of uniting them in weightlessness in lightness and grace. »

On the computer, she erases the background of the shot to focus on the essential; tangled bodies. A first monotype on transparency allows him to act on the image by letting the ink wash and water spread and spread. The representation is diluted little by little, the figurative moves away from the tangible. The absorbed image is finally pressed on photo paper in motion, several times.

“The blur, the effects of water and ink that mix are necessary to express the fusion of bodies. I draw the eye to parts of the body and make others disappear. »

Catherine blurs, disturbs without erasing by underlining the potentialities of narration and imagination of the images, their rugged condition, their capacity for fragmentation, absorption, appearance, dream. The work is inhabited by its own life, considered each time in a modified, opaque or more refined state. This real plunge into the intimate lets the gaze sink. Immersion is skillfully enchanting.



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