Mathilde Helly - Polymorphic artist - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Mathilde Helly - Polymorphic artist
40 rue Marcelin Berthelot
78400 Chatou


Discover the universe of polymorphic artist Mathilde Helly!

I have always oscillated between the visual arts and the performing arts. Born into a family of amateur artists, I got involved in the pictorial exercise very early on, but it was my professional life in the performing arts that really invited me to play with matter and discover the whole possible universe. of the visual artist.

I have participated in the Open Doors of the Ateliers des Artistes de la Boucle since the beginning. Initiated by the city of Chatou more than 15 years ago, these days allowed me to give an annual meeting to those curious about what the art of the show has to associate with the visual arts: masks, costumes, photos, decorations….In addition, I have built a whole personal world through which I try to reveal the invisible, to capture movement, to get into the material and whatever the means and the support, an often poetic world but not only ! From the poetry of words and colors to the subtleties of movement and rhythms, I believe in the mixing of arts, in the musicality of words, in the matter of rhythms, in the colors of energies.

Life gives, life is generous. I take. I use myself without restraint in a gesture, a look, a shadow, a profile, a line, a path, a color.
What matters is attention and constant respect for the moment and the feeling of the moment. Without this consciousness, there is neither matter nor artistic bodies.
The work presented here is a photographic work: no photo here has been retouched or cropped. The artisanal method was respected.
I wanted my eye to be yours, so that together we could steal through these moments a whole eternity: in this process nothing asks to be perfect. We just need to be present to ourselves and our emotions.
These photos were taken in nature, on natural flowers and plants and on stems, with natural sunlight. A first exhibition entitled "Under the skirts of flowers" and a second in preparation "After the rain": these are sensual walks in images and words, an ode to matter, to colors, to the living.



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