Florence Jacquesson - Sculpture - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Florence Jacquesson - Sculpture
9 avenue Victor Hugo
78400 Chatou


Discover the world of sculptor Florence Jacquesson!

Florence Jacquesson questions her contemporaries by sculpting all the human attitudes of these primates. Mirror of man, they inspire us with respect. Questioning, worried, thoughtful and wise, they encourage us to reflect deeply on the future of the planet.

Lives, works and teaches sculpture in Chatou (78). Since 1995, she has worked for the Mellerio Di Meller house, then created for the Mint, the Christofle house… A sustained and obstinate work places her among the most popular animal collectors. Acquisition of the "pensive bonobo" by the Hotel Negresco for the royal salon (Jeanne Augier Foundation).

From his hands are born " Pensive Bonobo ", " Sage Mandrill ", " the walking proboscis " in homage to Rodin, Polar bear, Hippopotamus, chimpanzees, Orangutan, rhinoceros, gorillas, felines... The artist produces a certain number of large format preparatory charcoals to accompany his work.

The probable disappearance of a certain number of these animals affects her and therefore guides her choices. She supports the fight of Jane Goodall and Kalaweit and transmits this message of peace with nature through her works so that the human and animal chain live in mutual respect.



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