Daredjane - Sculpture - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Daredjane - Sculpture
3 rue de l'Asile
78400 Chatou


Discover the universe of the sculptress Daredjane!

"After an atypical career (legal studies), I came to sculpture out of curiosity and taste, and out of passion, I made it my profession.
So I learned in different Workshops and have been practicing for more than twenty years now.

Sculpture is for me a language, a way of saying, not of reproducing, but of showing otherwise.
Thus, depending on the themes addressed, I emphasize movement, strength, elegance, power...
My creations are therefore not “anatomical”: I deform, I lengthen, I stretch and I play with proportions...
It is the "freedom of the artist" and it is above all the pleasure of creation."



All year round.


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