RageBoat - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

2 bis rue de la Pâture
95870 Bezons

+33 (0)6 64 92 08 21

RageBoat is the story of a group of friends who had the same passion for board sports whether it was wakeboarding, kiteboarding, surfing, motorcycling...

Some of them worked in nautical clubs, motorcycle shops, manufacturing of metal parts... with the same dream and the desire to create a nice place, good spirit with coaching in Paris.

In 2006, they settled in the town of Bezons thanks to the Town Hall and Voies navigables de France (VNF) to set up their second club there. The name "RageBoat" was born because this project was partly thought up by their friend Rage who left too soon. Today the Rageboat has become a managed company, always with the same principle: ride on the Seine in joy and good humor.

Accessible to all as long as you know how to swim and are comfortable in the water. Coaching is included in the service.
- Wakeboarding
Born in the early 1980s after the advent of skiboarding (which is now snowboarding), from a combination of waterskiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques. In English, wakeboard refers only to the board, the sport itself being called wakeboarding.

- Wakesurfing
Wakesurfing is a water sport in which a surfer glides on the wave produced by a boat without being attached to it (except for the start). The waves produced by boats used for wakesurfing are very similar to those of the ocean and wakesurfers ride on them in the same way as normal surfers. Wakesurfing is like riding an endless wave.

- Wakeskate
Wakeskate is a water sport, derived from wakeboarding and water skiing which, in its practice, has similarities with skateboarding.
This absence of bindings allows the realization of a new panel of figures, and in particular many flips, or rotations of the board.

- Stand Up Paddle
The stand up paddle also called SUP, or simply paddle or more rarely paddle board, is a nautical sliding sport where the practitioner stands up (stand up in English) on a board longer than a classic surfboard, propelling with a paddle.
Autonomous service.

All year round, you can also request them for your festive events: seminar, EVG, EVJF, all types of privatization.
Indeed, on the barge a room below can accommodate up to 15 people.
Refreshments and snacks available on site.



Every day throughout the year.
Closed on Tuesday.
From 12 p.m. to sunset.

Book your sessions to be sure not to travel for nothing.
Plan to come 15 minutes in advance.


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