Sylvie Ménager sculptor - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Sylvie Ménager sculptor
39 rue Beaugendre
78400 Chatou

06 07 59 55 22

Sylvie Ménager explores the possibilities of expression offered by sandstone, combined with the decorative effects obtained by the technique of raku, enamels and patinas.

"I explore sculpture through the following research axes:
Raku balls
The act of shaping spheres invites me at first to abandon: the round form is generous, I surround it, I model it, I let it guide me, then, suddenly I structure and I grave on this one my writing. I like to create strong contrasts between the enameled white parts and the bare black earth, I like that chance comes to slip there, in the thousand small cracks that are created during the different stages of the raku.

The columns
Basically, I rely on very clean forms because they give me great freedom of action in my graphic approach to them. And then I dig the earth, again and again, I trace furrows, ripples that sometimes dialogue with the void. I have the impression to read in the matter "earth", I try to bring lines dancing, reliefs, games of shades and light in order to play massive and imposing forms to me.

The birds
My birds stand up to just smell the air. They are a little proud to be there, but without arrogance. I want them refined, just a few graphical lines inscribe them in space. In parallel with the raku, I explore the work of the patina. The search for patinas interests me greatly as I work very gradually. I go looking for effects of materials through overlays of pigments, I create games of opacity and transparency, I explore the dullness and shine to accentuate the reliefs of my forms.

The sculptures
When I sculpt, I especially like to suggest feelings and images to the viewer without saying too much. I establish a dialogue between curves, solids and voids. "

Sylvie Ménager holds the dipole of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré.



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