The old village of Marly-le-Roi - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

The old village of Marly-le-Roi
2 avenue des Combattants
78160 Marly-le-Roi

01 30 87 20 51

Marly-le Roi owes its reputation to Louis XIV, who chose to build his country residence here. In the 19th century, this rustic village attracted many artists, writers and painters who appreciated the tranquility and easy living it offered.

Today, the village of Marly-le-Roi, with its picturesque little streets lined with ancient houses and its church built by Mansart, continues to attract visitors. The Tourist Office guides take the class on a discovery trail through the village, while presenting different topics, including local history, day-to-day life, fine arts, heritage conservation, etc



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