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Chatou Verre Vitrail
70 rue des Cormiers
78400 Chatou

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Artisan painter glass, Catherine combines the bright colors of stained glass and painting on glass.

Catherine Marchal created her studio Chatouverre Stained Glass to give free rein to the creation, to bring her skills for courses and restoration of old stained glass windows.

Her sense of observation of the "beautiful" and the light transmitted by nature led her to the practice of the ancient art of stained glass, relying on her artistic and artistic skills.

Through passion, she has developed her potential through leisure workshops and the study of different pictorial techniques.

Her career has been punctuated with participations in workshops (watercolor at the Vésinet applied arts workshops, old paintings and paintings in Paris, stained glass studio in Paris and Montmorency), at technical courses (creation and installation of a stained glass window in Paris). lead at Gazeran (78), fusing and thermoforming at the Bertille Hurard workshop in Houilles (78), painting on glass in Chartres) and since 2013, her professional skills are validated by obtaining a diploma of stained glass and restorer of common goods.

Her work is part of a search for harmony and sweetness linked to plant inspiration.

"Bring forth a ray of light, a personal stained glass or who looks like you, for a privileged and unique place".

Catherine Marchal offers stained glass classes in traditional or contemporary techniques, intended for a beginner or already initiated adult public.

Conduct of courses and internships:

Three hours per week, excluding school holidays.
- Beginner level: consider 6 sessions to finalize a project of about 0.20m2
- Workshops or short sessions organized during the year (contact by telephone to know the places of teaching.)

Initiations or improvements proposed:

1. traditional lead technique and realization of a geometric stained glass window
2. paintings on glass and enamels for figurative stained glass
3. Tiffany technique according to a model proposed or created by the trainee
4. fusing



From 04/01 to 27/07/2024, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


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