The Pavillon Sully - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

The Pavillon Sully
4 avenue du Pavillon Sully
78230 Le Pecq

One of the few remaining proofs of the existence of the Château Neuf de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the Pavillon de Sully was occupied by the king's gardener, Lavechef, known as 'Duparcq'.

Its exquisite gardens, with statues, ponds and flowerbeds as well as a splendid view over the Seine Valley, make it, to this day, an exceptional place.

It is now a private residence closed to visitors, though it may open on special occasion such as the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine (European Heritage Days).

Other remains of the Château Neuf include part of the current Hôtel-Restaurant Pavillon Henri IV, where Louis XIV was born; the Rampe des Grottes, which housed mechanical devices that operated extravagant water features; and the Mur des Lions.



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