CC Aoustin - Painter - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

CC Aoustin - Painter
45 rue Gabriel Péri
78420 Carrières-sur-Seine


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"Art has always been a part of who I am. Even when I was studying psychology at University, I took a Fine Arts option. This eventually led me to the famous Masters of Art program- New York University therapy, located in an area of ​​New York known for its community of musicians and visual artists. So many great artists have started in this little corner of downtown. I would say this is where I honed my talent and developed my artistic skills the most.I learned a lot from my father, who was a talented illustrator and portrait painter.

During my years as an art therapist, I helped others find their artistic voice, not just the skill but more importantly the freedom to express themselves. And I think that's what an artist does, he opens up to the world. I firmly believe that every piece of art you create is a little piece of you. One of the places where I feel the most connected to my inner self is in nature, and in particular in the Alps. Since arriving in France, I think it has allowed me to explore those artistic desires and development by surrounding myself with truly magnificent sights and sounds, including its rich history. I don't know if I would have pursued an artistic career, outside of art therapy, if I hadn't moved here.

When my husband started the photography studio, Studio Aoustin, it really pushed me towards full-time creativity. Not only was I making the transition to the photographic field, but I was creating backgrounds for the shots, hand-painted decorations. Nothing like painting on a large scale to really go wild. It's almost limitless. Then I launched my brand CC Aoustin, my works being used for institutional and individual shootings, and my paintings for art collectors. In addition to joining the collective early last year, I have made friends with other like-minded artists. We really encourage and support each other, especially artistically."



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