Weekend in Chatou - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Weekend in Chatou
3 rue du Bac
78400 Chatou

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Escape to… Chatou, land of the Impressionists
Installation at the hotel Les Terres Blanches in Chatou or the Auberge des Trois Marches in Le Vésinet

DAY 1 – The Path of the Impressionists, from Chatou to Carrières-sur-Seine
Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the hamlet Fournaise, the nugget of the island of the Impressionists in Chatou. For more than ten years, Renoir made frequent visits to the Fournaises and around Chatou, where he painted around thirty canvases. Aged nearly forty, he undertook the ambitious Déjeuner des canotiers. This painting, painted on the balcony of the Maison Fournaise, is the fruit of long research. The painter then felt that he had arrived "at the end of Impressionism".
Then direction Carrières-sur-Seine, via the banks of the Seine. It was Abbé Suger, abbot of Saint Denis, who gave the town of Carrières its take-off in the 12th century. The city is full of quarries, sometimes confidential, hidden under your feet, or in the open, near the Town Hall park. Over the years, they were used to supply construction sites in the Ile-de-France and then to cultivate the famous Paris mushrooms. Speaking of mushrooms, stay for lunch, on the banks of the Seine or Place du Marché a little further!

DAY 2 – The Path of the Impressionists, from Chatou to Croissy-sur-Seine
The Seine will be the "blue" thread of your walk. From the Parc de l'île des Impressionnistes, you pass under the railway bridge immortalized by Renoir, then over the Chatou bridge which crosses the Seine, towards the Notre-Dame church. After having skirted the Seine, you arrive at Croissy-sur-Seine. Along the way, admire the pretty villas from the end of the 19th century: Swiss chalet, Palace of the Thousand and One Nights, Palladian villa...

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“You will not regret your trip. It is the prettiest place around Paris. » and it is Renoir who says it!!!

Thus ends your 2 days of escape to Chatou. Did you like it?! So come back very soon to discover the cultural treasures of Chatou and its surroundings: the Fournaise Museum in Chatou, the Grenouillère Museum in Croissy-sur-Seine...



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