Clothilde Lasserre ceramist - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Clothilde Lasserre ceramist
8 Bis avenue du Colifichet
78290 Croissy-sur-Seine

06 09 57 35 35

Clothilde Lasserre signs canvases of captivating energy. Combining instinct of touch, daring colors and implacable sense of composition, his Crowds waltz between figuration and abstraction.

A perpetual come and go between an inner life and the vital contact with the Other that is concretized by zooms and taking back. Clothilde Lasserre has been working on identity for a long time. The paradox of any individual: to integrate and therefore not to differentiate while keeping his own individuality not to get lost.

"The link between my work on canvas and my work with the earth is natural and complex, just as I use the imaginary in my paintings, I make the same step in my sculptures. porcelain that gave me the answer, successions of porcelain keys patiently and precisely added to each other gradually create crowds of people who come who come, alone or in a group.They are both us and the others are you, me, you, and I. White, black, white & black and the color of enameling add richness both literally and figuratively. "



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