Vallon de Chevaudeau in Marly forest

Come and explore the Chevaudeau valley in the former forest of Crüye, renamed Marly forest in the late 18th century.

This 5 km itinerary is suitable for walkers of all levels.

Information on the tour

Distance: 5 km. Beginner

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Starting point – Hunting table

Your itinerary starts at the Carrefour Royal intersection and 17th-century hunting table. The Royal Table was used by the king to anjoy a snack or refreshments during the hunt.

Stage 1 – Saint-Michel cross

Take the path to the left of the shelter, cross the Chevaudeau stream and start the walk up to the Saint-Michel cross. Don’t forget to take a photo of the view!

Stage 2 – Ferme des Curieux

Leave the GR hiking trail, cross the valley between plots 11A and 11B to reach the car park at the Maison Forestière des Curieux. This house with blue shutters owes its name to the numerous enthusiasts who were allowed to join the royal hunt.

Stage 3 – Claire Forêt intersection

Stay on this side of the road (D98), cross the barrier and continue straight on along the track (keeping the road on your left). Go straight on at the Dauphine and Claire Forêt intersections, continuing on Route de la Claire Forêt (direction Mareil-Marly). Marly forest comprises mostly oak and chestnut trees.

Stop to admire the remarkable tree at the Claire Forêt intersection! At the next intersection (approximately 200 metres after the Claire Forêt intersection), turn right (at right angles) just before the fork, after the marked tree on unidentified plot no. 90, and follow the track for 300 metres… On the way, test your strength with the fitness trail hurdles on your left! Return to the track after your session.

At the bottom of the hill, turn right. You’ll come across two more sporting challenges!

At the crossroads, continue straight on, to the right of parcel no. 12B. You should be able to see the railway track…

Stage 4 – Fontaine de la Maison Rouge

Rouge The track continues downhill and you can then follow the GRP (circular hiking itinerary) on your left (red and yellow symbol).

Then continue uphill, still on the GRP trail. After crossing the Chevaudeau stream a second time, you will come to the Maison Rouge fountain (on your left). At this very ancient religious and sacred site (druid worship), a little convent was erected. It belonged to the Abbey of Saint- Germain-des-Prés. A chapel dedicated to Saint-Michel Archange was built there in the 9th century.

In the vicinity, a hamlet developed in the Chevaudeau valley, and a fountain was built in 1657. Louis Antoine de Pardailhan de Gondrin purchased the property in 1714 and converted the chapel into a country residence, the “Maison Rouge” (red house), thus named because of the ochre tones of its distempered walls. The dilapidated buildings were demolished in 1717. Just after the fountain, turn right. At the Maison Rouge intersection, go straight ahead.

A last effort and the last views of Marly forest…until you reach the Dryade intersection. Turn right towards Feucherolles. After 250 metres, you have arrived!