Treasure hunt “The Sun King’s treasure”

A modern treasure hunt for a fun-filled adventure in the little village streets of Marly-le-Roi.

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Descriptions & questions

Starting point – Bureau d’Information Touristique

Leave the Bureau d’Information Touristique behind you and head towards the old village. Marly-le-Roi is named after the Sun King, Louis XIV, whose presence boosted the town’s growth after he came to live in the park. Walk up Grande Rue, the “very steep slope” as Louis XIV called it. At the street’s intersection with Rue de Saint-Cyr, you’ll see two niches.

A: the number of sheep surrounding the Saint:

Stage 1 – “Le Vieux-Marly”

Take Grande Rue as far as no. 20. Observe the piano hammers hanging at the windows…

Grande Rue is the main street of the old village. In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was inhabited by vinegrowers, retailers and craftsmen, as well as noblemen and bourgeois. Later, Marly-le-Roi attracted numerous artists and men of letters, including Alexandre Dumas junior, Victorien Sardou, Alfred Sisley, and the sculptor, Aristide Maillol.

B: the number of hammers x 3:

Stage 2 – Jardin Maillol

Continue on Grande Rue, passing under the porch on the right. Head towards the other end of the alley, where some steps will take you to the park, Jardin Maillol:

Cross Jardin Maillol to reach Rue Mansart.

C: the number of benches in the Jardin Maillol:

Stage 3 – Hôtel Couvé

Turn left onto Rue Mansart. When you reach the intersection with Rue Champflour, you’ll come across a large gate marked “Mairie” (town hall). Enter the courtyard and observe the façades.

D: The street number where the clock is located on Rue Montmartre – 32:

The Hôtel Couvé is an 18th-century hôtel particulier which housed the town hall between 1846 and 1988. The lower building was the boys’ school, built in 1894.
Exit the courtyard, turn left onto Rue Champflour, then right onto Allée André Guilot.
Look for Louis XIV.

E: The number of doves surrounding him /2:

Stage 4 – Restaurant in Vieux-Marly

Chef André Guillot used to run the Auberge du Vieux Marly, a top establishment in French gastronomy, which today houses a tearoom managed by… his granddaughter! At the end of Allée André Guillot, you’ll come to Place du Général de Gaulle. Cross the street and head towards the Hôtel de Ville.

F: the number of kilometres between here and Marly-le-Roi’s twin town in Germany – 2:

When staying in Marly, Louis XIV frequently went hunting in the forest. After becoming lord of Marly le Bourg in 1693, he established his kennels where the town hall now stands. The current building dates from the 18th century and has been occupied by the council services since 1988.
Leave the Hôtel de Ville behind you and, on your left, take Rue Raoul Filbos.

G: the number of horses at “chez Laurent” + 3:

Stage 5 – Abreuvoir (watering pond)

Continue down Rue Raoul Filhos. At the roundabout, turn right onto Avenue Jean Béranger, towards the lycée. You’ll arrive at one end of the watering pond on the edge of the Parc de Marly. Take a moment to admire the “Chevaux de Marly” (Marly horses) reproductions that stand here. Alfred Sisley stayed in a house just opposite the watering pond, which features in many of his paintings. The tragedian, Rachel, also lived nearby, giving birth in Marly to Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandson, the count of Walewski.

H: the number of eaglets (little eagles) featured on the town’s coat of arms:

You are now between Avenue Béranger and Avenue des Combattants (on your right). One last effort, you’re getting warm… Replace the letters below with your answers, and the coordinates will indicate where the treasure can be found!

_____.___________, ____.09 ____________9

Open the maps app or browser of your smartphone and input the obtained coordinates. Done? Now, go and find the cache!

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Pursue your exploration of Marly-le Roi by visiting Marly park or enjoying a gourmet break at one of the village’s numerous restaurants.

See you soon!