Treasure hunt ” An unfinished meal”

This modern-day treasure hunt will take you exploring the Hameau Fournaise on the Ile des Impressionnistes in Chatou.

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Descriptions and questions

Starting point – Hameau Fournaise

The Fournaise hamlet was named after its owner and was a key attraction for artists, men of letters and Bohemians, rich or poor. In the mid-19th century, boating was a fashionable passtime for Parisians wanting to escape from the pressures of city life. Head for the reproduction of the painting “Les canotiers à Chatou” by Renoir, who was a regular visitor to the site.

A: the sum of the numbers of the year in which this picture was painted:
(add together all the numbers of the date until you’re left with just one digit, for example: 1918 =1+9+1+8 = 19, 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1):

Look around to find the answers to these two questions.
B: the number of millions of tonnes of goods that travel through the lock at Chatou / 5:

C: the year in which Donald Crowhurst died + 1: (add together all the numbers of the date until you’re left with just one digit, for example: 1918 =1+9+1+8 = 19, 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1):

Stage 1 – Sequana

Head for the boathouse, the large timber building, which is a reconstruction of the original boathouse owned by Père Fournaise. Today, it houses a collection of boats that is unique in France! Guy de Maupassant, Maurice de Vlaminck, and the famous couturier, Paul Poiret, were all keen boaters, while Renoir enjoyed painting the skiffs of the Fournaise family. Observe the façade and take a step back.

D: the number of members of the “Suzanne” crew:
E: the cost of an extra half-hour on the “Banc des Menteurs” + 3:

Walk round the right-hand side of the building.
F: the age of “Sequana” today – 10:

Stage 2 – Maison Levanneur

Turn left at the top and head for the Maison Levanneur, now Galerie Bessières, a gallery of Contemporary Art.
The Maison Levanneur, which was also a reputed “guinguette” café from 1855, was the haunt of two local artists: Derain and Vlaminck!

G: the year in which Derain was born in Chatou: (add together the numbers of the date to retain just one, for example, 42: 4+2 = 6)

Stage 3 – Restaurant Fournaise

Go down the steps and head toward the Fournaise restaurant, located in the historic rooms of the Maison Fournaise. Lunch can be served in the dining room that is decorated with caricatures painted by anonymous 19th-century artists, or, in the summer season, on the balcony made famous by Auguste Renoir who painted “Le Déjeuner des Canotiers” here. Observe the façade.

H: the figure obtained by deducting the minutes from the hours at Fournaise:

I: the sum of the number of people in the “Déjeuner des Canotiers”: (add the two numbers together to obtain just one, for example, 42: 4+2 = 6)

Stage 4 – Renoir Trail

Renoir was “always stuck at Fournaise”, where he met his friends, Maupassant, Monet and Caillebotte, who was also a boating enthusiast. Renoir painted more than thirty pieces at Chatou, as well as many other paintings in the land of the Impressionists…
Continue along the Seine towards the road bridge and observe!

J: the number of arches under the railway bridge:

On this walk you have learned about the Hameau Fournaise and obtained some clues to help you find what Renoir needs to finish his painting.

Replace the letters with your answers: BE.GCAI2D,2.FJH22

____._________2 _____ , 2._____________22

Continue your exploration of Chatou with a walk along the banks of the River Seine on the Chemin des Impressionnistes, or a tour of the Musée Fournaise!

See you soon!