Evelyne Michel - Painting / Drawing - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Evelyne Michel - Painting / Drawing
15 Passage Saint-Germain
78800 Houilles


Discover the world of Evelyne Michel!

Evelyne Michel is an autodidact passionate about drawing and painting but also visual artist, always in search of inventions and games with materials.

His inspirations are diverse and his painted or drawn subjects are varied. When she paints landscapes she likes lines, rhythms, collections, garlands... and therefore inevitably the drawing of rice fields, vineyards, hills, structured landscapes has imposed itself.

In recent years, people have returned to the center of its interests. The living model that she assiduously practices gives her material to create characters. Ink or watercolor colors after charcoal or graphite mine.

Push the door of his workshop, you will be surprised by so much diversity! Its papier-mâché characters guard the entrances and a few vine stock sculptures still mark with their presence.

It is nevertheless oil painting that remains his favorite technique and it is with it that a new series was born at the end of 2019!



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