Agnès Pinhas - Porcelain Painting - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Agnès Pinhas - Porcelain Painting
37 rue Pierre Lamandé
78800 Houilles


Discover the world of Agnès Pinhas!

Painter of the earth, whether it is earthenware, porcelain, enamelled lava, I try to animate through color, rhythms and graphics, these different materials that I like to touch and paint.
My inspirations go to the sea, the sky, their sweetness and their storms, the animal world, the trees, the birds.
I now tend to express faces and approach the work of clay, modelling, the search for forms. In the form of utilitarian, decorative objects, interior and exterior wall tiles...
By painting I try to make life dream, smile and sing.



All year round.


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