Celia Papasian - Painting - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Celia Papasian - Painting
7 rue de Locarno
78800 Houilles


Discover the world of Célia Papasian!

I am a graduate of Fine Arts from Avignon and a multimedia creator. Rather abstract in the treatment of my painting and seeking to reveal 3-dimensional worlds in the graphics. But ultimately the goal is the same.

The role of the artist and of the creator in general is to share an emotion, to convey ideas, to transmit a message, to touch the other and not only to use the tools made available to us to create. It is important to have a coherent approach, strong involvement. The work of creation in itself has not changed, but its environment has.

My workspace is in an attic room of my house fitted out as a workshop, but which largely overflows into the common areas upstairs! It is a place where I have my bearings, books, fetish objects, incense, perfumes, illustrations that I love, Star Wars figurines, a Batman collector, but also photos of the people I love. love .... In short, objects that make me me and bring me a universe conducive to reflection and creation.
I spend time there every day, it's a bit like my cave, my secret lair from which materially all projects are born.



All year round.


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