Jérôme Aoustin - Photographer - Saint Germain Boucles de Seine

Jérôme Aoustin - Photographer
45 rue Gabriel Péri
78420 Carrières-sur-Seine


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A graduate engineer, I spent 10 years in New York in innovative start-ups in the audiovisual field. At the same time, my passion for photography grew and I started selling my works in galleries. Rather free spirit, the return to France does not allow me to find the creative side of the job of engineer. I decide to go freelance, found a startup, then try the adventure of transforming my passion into a real sustainable business. The bet is won, because a year later I arrived at the point of balance and lived from my art.

It is surely in the genes: my great-grandfather was a pro and made portraits, my grandmother developed her photographs in her own darkroom, my grandfather and my father were enthusiasts. I came to it bit by bit -- taking the blinders off of an initial training that pushes you to fit into a certain mold -- until it became obvious. I consider myself very fortunate to live from it today.

My artistic approach is above all based on a concern for honesty towards myself, and consequently towards the other who will discover my works. As much as I use retouching in my commercial work, I refuse it for my fine art photography. I was lucky to have traveling parents, visiting many countries and off the beaten track. Once a sensitive and curious child, I still know how to marvel at everyday beauty. One of my photographs that appeals a lot lies in a certain composition and abstraction of a subject that is truly banal if you put words to it.

I also know how to appreciate the rarity of a moment when all the conditions come together to obtain the masterpiece sometimes awaited for months. This is created in the emotion experienced, the preparation and the expectation. Not on Photoshop. If I always have a camera with me, very often I will not take a single photograph during my walks. The moment was not there, and it does not matter. Create a photograph that will please from a mediocre base, no thanks, I leave that to Instagram. Very critical of myself, I strive to aim for a certain idea of ​​perfection, both technically and pictorially. For me the whole process is important, from thinking to shooting, from processing to printing and from the choice of supports and materials.

I generally work around a theme. My favorite series: the natural landscape, the urban landscape and the portrait. I have quite ambitious ideas that germinated sometimes ten years ago, which one day I will have to give birth to. I like to reinvent myself, go beyond my limits: the next series should surprise. Now I need time to make them...

My clients range from individuals to multinationals such as Saint-Gobain, Vinci or even Ubisoft. At the local level, it is an honor to have been chosen as the official photographer to cover events in my city for two years now.



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