Maison André Derain

Maison André Derain
64 Grande Rue
78240 Chambourcy

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The house known as Maison André Derain (formerly called La Roseraie) is a mansion built in the late 17th and early 18th centuries and renovated in the 19th century.

The house is currently undergoing restoration work to become the Espace Derain.

The house belonged to some famous families – the Bigot de Sainte Croix (Louis XVI's last minister of foreign affairs) and the Bassan (print merchants) – before becoming the home of André Derain and his family. It is one of the oldest houses in the village.

The painter André Derain, a master of Fauvism, bought the property on 23 July 1935.

He and his wife moved to Chambourcy in January 1936, after having had dividing walls on the ground floor knocked down to create a studio there.
La Roseraie was protected by a three-hectare park, which used to contain neo-Classical-style statues, an ornamental pond, an artificial waterfall and some 'fabriques': small structures built in the style of those popular in the 18th century. One of these, the Temple d'Amour, was adorned with stained-glass windows. There were also some old farm buildings, a kitchen garden, tennis court and an orangery, which Derain converted into a summer studio where he could paint and store large canvases. He also renovated the pavilion next to La Roseraie to create a sculptor's studio with a kiln and wheel.

Birds and animals lived in the park: peacocks, and goats brought from the Désert de Retz farm, as well as numerous cats and dogs.
The painter, who was interested in civilisations from around the world, had a huge collection that filled the house.

The artist lived here with his family until his death, on 8 September 1954. Alice, his wife, died here on 20 July 1975, at the age of 91. The artist's niece, Geneviève Taillade, who was one of his favourite models, continued to live here for a further 12 years or so.

Many artists were invited as friends to La Roseraie: Georges Braque, Balthus, André Dignimont, Alberto Giacometti, André Dunoyer de Segonzac, François Hugo and Francis Carco, Blaise Cendrars, Pierre Reverdy, Luise de Vilemorin, Elise and Marcel Jouhandeau, Edmonde Charles Roux and Paul Poiret, Serge Lifar and Georges Auric, Henri Sauguet and Jean Renoir, Ambroise Vollard.


On 14 April 1988, Dr Albert Badault, a surgeon, and his wife, who were very attached to the renaissance of this place of historical interest in Yvelines, bought the property to live here with their children and quickly began some important work on it.

In 2014, the mairie bought the property in order to make it a project of public interest. Suffering from a lack of maintenance over a number of years, the house was in a state of disrepair, necessitating urgent intervention to save this heritage site. Restoration work is currently in progress.
The municipality wants to reconstruct the setting in which the Master of Fauvism, André Devain, worked and lived at Chambourcy from 1935 to 1954, by restoring the house to how it would have looked at that time.

On completion of this restoration work, the Espace Derain will be dedicated to associations and culture.



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